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We're here for you!

We believe that the strength of our brand lies in the quality of our clothing, but also in the unique relationship that we have with each client.

You have an idea?

We can tailor your specialized workwear to the highest standards.

Unparalleled service

You never leave a client without a solution. We offer a tailor-made service that meets your expectations.

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With 128-bit SSL encryption technology, we guarantee a secure transaction.

Why Polaire+

Polaire+ is the warmest work clothes in Canada. Made right here in Quebec in our factory, we control every detail to offer you superior quality. We are also proud to be the only brand to offer you a range of workwear specially designed for women.

Winter suits are very durable, with good water repellent material so they are very warm. The zippers are very resistant. Customer service is excellent, order tracking is also excellent.

There is no uncertainty or ambiguity about the availability of the product or the time of manufacture and / or delivery. There are no problems with receiving invoices as well as tracking shipments.

Jocelyn Villeneuve, Public relations department of the city of Sainte-Thérèse

The products are of good quality, resistant and diverse. The service is also excellent. They are very good and local products as well.

Jennifer Gagné, Location Camp Forestier R.L

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The warmest work clothes in Canada!



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1742 boul Du Jardin

Saint-Félicien, Québe

G8K 2S8


F. 418.679.9283


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