Shipping and warranty


Only ground deliveries are accepted. Transportation costs are based on guidelines that consider volume, mass, number of items and/or cost of order. As a general rule, your package will be sent to the address listed on Purolator’s order confirmation. When returning or exchanging goods, we advise you  go directly to Canada Postal Services to send your package.

Manufacture Thomas Gosselin cannot guarantee separate orders be regrouped as one: When possible, it is the customer’s responsibility to combine their purchases into a single order in order to minimize shipping costs.

Orders are delivered to the address indicated by the customer at the time of payment. Delivery is normally made within 5 to 7 business days after the order has been successfully processed, however this is only an approximation and cannot be guaranteed by Manufacture Thomas Gosselin.

Manufacture Thomas Gosselin disclaims any liability in the event of a missed deadline due to a the third party mistake who makes the delivery (example: error at the Canada Post triage center).



All Polaire Plus garments made by the Thomas Gosselin Manufacture are covered by a lifetime warranty limited to the conditions mentioned below.

The warranty only applies to manufacturing processes such as seams. The warranty excludes the following breaks: Excessive washing, with an inappropriate cleaning product and/or that does not meet the manufacturer’s maintenance guidelines, broken and/or derailed zippers, worn and/or punctured fabrics, loss of waterproofing coating performance and other broken accessories such as pressure snaps, loops, plastic buckles and velcros.

The returned goods must be clean, free of any rocky material and free of unwanted odors. A $20,00 cleaning fee will be charged without notice if applicable.



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